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Susan Martin


Women's Fitness Specialist

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Susan at the Spartan Race

Hi, I’m Susan

MSW, Certified Personal Trainer, Women's Fitness Specialist and Group Fitness Instructor

I am an active lifestyle and exercise enthusiast who loves people.  I began teaching group fitness classes over 20 years ago for fun while working full-time in non-profit work with youth and families and continued as I transitioned through graduate school and later becoming a stay home mother of 3 young children.  Each season had it's challenges, but exercise always gave me an outlet to live more fully and healthily.  In 2013 after having had 3 children, leaving full time work and my long time fitness classes then moving to a new city, I found myself out of shape, overweight and depressed.  I began an 8 month long journey of  learning how to start over physically so I could be my healthiest version of myself for my family.  It was a life changing journey that ignited a passion for improving my own fitness and knowledge along with inspiring and empowering others to take charge of their own fitness and health. Over the last decade I have gained much lived experience that makes me a compassionate and practical trainer.  Navigating life challenges over the years while keeping physical fitness and active lifestyle a priority are hard, but do-able with the right mindset.  Through my 40's I began running again and after recovering from a knee injury and surgery, I learned to love trail running.  I tried Ninja Warrior classes with my kids when they were little and  discovered Obstacle Course Training, completing 8 Spartan Races over the years.  I  began learning karate with my oldest son when he was six and after 9 years, became a black belt last year. I love being challenged to grow and encouraging others to do the same. 


Susan Martin Fitness

Personalized Fitness Training and Coaching for Women, Small Groups and Large Group Fitness Classes

I specialize in individual and small group women's fitness training and coaching as well as teaching custom group fitness workouts. I also offer several fitness training services like custom workout classes for small and large groups, training clients in their own environment using their own existing tools and resources, healthy meal prep coaching in the kitchen and workshops on how to create a fitness lifestyle at home and in the workplace. I incorporate my experience and training in social work to help my clients with mindset work and the hard part of incorporating a fitness lifestyle into the complex network of life demands in work, school, relationships, parenting, etcetera.

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